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Error: Unable to create reader filter instance

first post: teos2000 wrote: Hi all.Great program, but when launched, I got this error:Unable to...

Input files location?

first post: SkyUser3 wrote: Hi,Firstly: great appI use Windows 7 and although I use Vob2Mkv as ...

latest post: matthewjheaney wrote: From: [email removed] To: [email removed] Date: Mon, 19 Apr ...

mkv source filter

first post: matthewjheaney wrote: I'm currently working on an MKV source filter. It's only guarantee...

latest post: matthewjheaney wrote: The source filter is complete. It has been included in release v1....

status of AC3 support

first post: matthewjheaney wrote: The AC3 parser is finally working, so development of mkv audio muxi...

latest post: matthewjheaney wrote: AC-3 support is now provided as of the 1.0.1 release.

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