automatically extract dvd title #1


As it stands now, I have been assuming the clients first run a separate application to extract DVD title #1. However, is it safe to assume that VTS_01_X.VOB contains only DVD title #1? If so, we could just fetch those files directly.
More info here:
"Note the order of the VOB files, the fact that the VIDEO_TS.IFO file comes first and the fact that the BUP files come after the VOB files. This is the layout for a disk that contains two title sets. The number of title sets on a DVD is the same as the highest first number in any of the VTS files. All VTS files follow this naming format VTS_mm_n.<IFO|VOB|BUP> where mm is the title set number, n is a simple sequence number and <IFO|VOB|BUP> is one of the three extensions. You may or may not have a VIDEO_TS.VOB file or VTS_mm_0.VOB files. They are menu video files and are optional. "


matthewjheaney wrote Apr 14, 2010 at 9:42 PM

More info here:


"Each VTS is composed of VTSI (Video Title Set Information), VTSM_VOBS (Video Object Set for the VTS Menu), VTSTT_VOBS (Video Object Set for Titles in a VTS), and the backup VTSI(BUP). The VTSI is control information for the VTS, and comprises a single file named VTS_##_0.IFO. The VTSM_VOBS contains the content for all types of menus within the VTS, and comprises a single file named VTS_##_0.VOB.

The VTSTT_VOBS contains the content needed for title playback, and comprises multiple files, named VTS_##_@.VOB.
The VTSI(BUP) is a complete copy of the VTSI, and comprises a single file named VTS_##_0.BUP.

VTSM_VOBS may or may not exist, but the other three types of information are required. In the file names above, ## represents a two-digit number between 01 and 99, and @ represents a single-digit number between 1 and 9."

So maybe that does mean you can just use the filenames to determine which title you need. It would be ideal to not require a separate app to extract the requested title.

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